About this Catalogue

This catalogue shows some of the most successful local solutions that can help bringing energy, water and others to people in East Africa, in climate friendly and (as much as possible) in affordable ways.

The catalogue is made for people that need cleaner and better energy and other needs for their life and for development. At the end of each case is also information for development workers and planners.

The catalogue should give an overview of successful local solutions and should inspire to choose the best solutions for energy, water, etc.

The catalogue is made by partners to the project East African Civil Society for Sustainable Energy & Climate Action, a project by members of the civil society network International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE). The project and the development of this catalogue is supported by CISU, Denmark.

The catalogue is also available in off-line version that can be used on computer or mobile phone without internet access, and as a printed catalogue. For off-line version and printed catalogue, please contact the partner nearest to you. OBS: The digital version is free, but the printed catalogue has the cost of printing and mail.

If you want to contribute to the catalogue, or if you have comments or proposals to any of the cases, please contact the project partners

The catalogue was launched on 11 December 2020 in occasion of the 5-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement and it will be updated as long as possible.